Advertising on a Budget, Part II

Bulletin Boards at Community Centers | Local “over 55” communities and advertise in their monthly bulletins

Restaurants| Many small restaurants use place mats for their tables that include advertising for local businesses. Take advantage of this opportunity to get noticed.

Value Packs (the envelopes are included in the mail) (

Business Cards | Use your business cards everywhere you go. Cards are very useful for reinforcing word-of-mouth recommendations. Carry plenty with you and give two to contacts - one for themselves, one to pass on.

Branded merchandise | There are merchandising ideas for all budgets. Stick to useful items that people will actually use, such as t-shirts, keyrings, mugs and pens, and give these things to customers and suppliers at every opportunity.

Sponsor a local sports team | ( Our area has hundreds of teams consisting of every sport and each one needs a sponsor. This is the opportunity to have your business name on team shirts and in any advertising material used to promote and support the team.

Brand your business vehicle | Have at least magnetic signs on your vehicles. A wrap can also be created for your entire vehicle if you would like. Make sure your phone number and website is clearly marked Carrying your logo while you're on the move can establish a strong presence in your community.


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