Advertising on a Budget

As small business owners our biggest expense is advertising. We have a few suggestions to at least get you headed in the right (and maybe most frugal) direction.

Use your local community newspapers. We have several in our area: Orange Peel Gazette ( Rates from only $33/mo! Over 40,000 readers per issue! No contracts! Free professional ad design!

Coffee News ( All ads are 3" x 2" so no advertiser can overpower another by buying a larger ad. It takes the average reader eight to ten minutes to read Coffee News as compared to thirty minutes to read a daily paper. This means Coffee News receives six to twelve times the scrutiny. Initial ad design is $35 and ad changes are included in the cost of your ad. Ad rates start at only $25 per week with a 17 week open-ended contract.

Need help setting up your ad? Call us! It's what we do!

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